AddWeb’s Ready-To-Use On-Demand Taxi Booking App Solution To Ease Down Your Taxi Business

Helping you with a white-label taxi booking app to earn a hefty profit from your conventional taxi business. Get the generation-next smart Taxi app solution now!

Solution You Can Develop With AddWeb’s On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Taxi booking apps like uber or ola caters to a variety of audiences with a variety of expectations. Take a look at various business cases supported by our Taxi booking app…

With our white-label taxi booking app, you can easily get ready to develop and launch your brand new uber like taxi booking app or you can scale up your existing business with a generation-next taxi app solution.

Starting and running a car rental business that can help you serve your client’s never-ending expectations could be a daunting task. AddWeb Solution can simplify running and managing your car rental business with a unique car rental app.

For corporations, time is money, and supporting them in reaching their desired destination with your taxi business is essential. We help you streamline corporate taxi booking with our corporate taxi booking app.

Are you looking for an air taxi booking app? Or do you want to streamline the operations of your air taxi business? Get a complete air taxi booking app with intuitive features and robust features to support your day-to-day air taxi business operations.

Features Of Our On-Demand Taxi Booking App Solution

Our on-demand taxi booking app development solution fits into all types of global businesses with striking features

mentioned below…

Multiple Business Models Supported

Taxi booking businesses have diverse requirements based on geographic locations, way of running the business, and

other factors. We power you with a taxi app development solution that covers taxi booking businesses running on

different business models such as:


Private Taxi Booking Business Model

Carpooling Business Model

Car Aggregators Business Model

Why AddWeb Solution For Your Taxi App Solution?

We know what it takes to craft a commendable customer experience for the on-demand taxi booking industry and

that’s what sets us apart from others.

  • Streamline User Booking​

    We help you automate the entire taxi booking experience while increasing customer satisfaction. Our taxi booking app development experts can help you design highly engaging uber clone solutions that bring exceptional customer experience….​

  • Tailored Taxi Booking Solutions

    Connect with your target audience with up-to-date and accurate booking information while catering to your diverse business needs. With the help of customized taxi booking solutions you can easily address all your taxi business pain points without any hassle…

  • Secure Payments

    Give the passenger the choice of their preferred payment method. Cash, a credit card, or a wallet. Selecting the Card or Wallet Payment assists the Passenger in having cash-free excursions. And everything is highly secured…

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Utilize client ratings and reviews to keep an eye on the various taxi drivers and uphold high standards with real-time analytics and detailed reports. It will be easy for you to track your monthly revenues and business growth…

  • Bring Down Costs With Automation

    With our adaptable, user-friendly dispatcher panel, you may customize the taxi fares. Create a taxi dispatch app that fully automates every step of your transportation system. Create unique marketing campaigns with push notifications, pop-up windows, and coupon coupons…​

  • Become Multilingual

    Has your taxi business spread across different geographic locations? No worries! Cut the language barriers with built-in multiple language support in the taxi booking solution from AddWeb Solution. Users can set their preferred language on the go…​

Our Taxi Booking Solution Offerings

To cater to different users of your taxi booking app, we’ve covered you with the following apps under our taxi booking app development solutions…

  • Taxi Hailing Customer App

    Let customers find a taxi, book it, and pay the charges on the go with a taxi-hailing customer app from AddWeb Solution…

  • Taxi Booking App Admin Panel

    Administrators can easily manage services, users, bookings, drivers, and a lot more right from their mobile app from the admin panel.

  • Driver Panel

    Get ride notifications, accept or reject rides, track your earnings, contact customers, and can do a lot more from the Drive App.


AddWeb Solution’s taxi booking app solution is a white-label cab and fleet management solution that can be fully customized to meet your branding needs and operational guidelines. You will also have admin access, allowing you to overrule policies and alter how the fleet is operated. You can personalize the app with the aid of our expert.

The price to create an on-demand taxi booking app will vary depending on features, technologies, and other elements. To determine your on-demand taxi booking app’s cost, speak to our experts.

You can easily integrate various third-party modules and other payment methods, map providers, and numerous other third-party services because it is a customized solution. To learn more, please get in touch with our support staff.

We are your full-service taxi app development company that gives you 24/7 maintenance, continuing support, and post-distribution qualitative analysis services.

Most definitely. Once the contract is signed, and the application is released onto the market, you become the owner of the taxi booking services. You will provide everyone access to the database and the code.